KIN-TEK Analytical, Inc. (KIN-TEK), is a world leader in Trace Concentration Calibration Gas Standards. We specialize in Permeation and Diffusion tubes and the Instrumentation for dynamically creating and dispensing high quality trace concentration gas mixtures.

KIN-TEK revolutionized the use of permeation tube technology, and today we provide complete trace concentration calibration gas solutions to solve the most difficult calibration needs. We provide standard and custom instrumentation and permeation tubes for over 500 chemicals, each with a calibration certificate traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

KIN-TEK delivers trace gas calibration solutions that solve Customer Problems in the laboratory, field (portable), and process industries!

With over 45 years of experience, accumulated expertise, and trusted collaboration, customers have made KIN-TEK the preferred provider of Trace Source™ calibration gas standards.

  • KIN-TEK Calibration Gas Standards Generators are available in modules and may be configured into systems.

    • KIN-TEK diffusion and permeation tubes are available in over 500 different chemicals compounds.
    • KIN-TEK maintains a large portfolio of custom solutions from many years of research.
    • KIN-TEK provides after Sales, Services and Support including initial installation and training, field service, factory bench repair, and product Recertification and Calibration.
    • KIN-TEK has the resources to provide the best calibration solution no matter how difficult the calibration requirements might be.